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Partner with Alteza and Unlock New Opportunities

Are you a micro or small-sized company in the construction or interior design sector? Perhaps you’re an individual eager to expand your service offerings and increase your income. At Alteza, we invite you to explore a unique collaboration opportunity that involves distributing our cutting-edge materials and installing stunning stretch ceilings for your clients. Our installation system is remarkably clean and efficient, eliminating the need for extensive renovations and the associated mess. We can transform a space in just a few hours while leaving it as pristine as before. To embark on this journey, all you need is to complete our comprehensive stretch ceiling installation training.

Benefits of Partnering with Alteza:

  1. Certification: Upon completing our training, you’ll receive a certification that establishes your expertise in stretch ceiling installation.
  2. Distributor Status: As a certified installer, you gain exclusive access to wholesale pricing on our materials, empowering you to offer stretch ceiling installation services and generate substantial income.
  3. Clean and Efficient: Our installation process is hassle-free, requiring minimal disruption and no major renovations, making it convenient for both you and your clients.
  4. Unique Products: Alteza doesn’t sell stretch ceilings directly to individual customers, so completing our training is the only way to access our top-quality products.

Income Opportunities:

1. Point of Sale and Installation of Stretch Ceilings: Perfect for small and medium-sized companies with sales experience and their own premises, this option allows you to create a new branch of your business. While a financial contribution is required to establish a point of sale, there are no specific location or area requirements. Alteza provides advertising materials, arrangement support, and marketing assistance. All inquiries from your area are directed to your point of sale, and you receive an @alteza.co.uk email address.

2. Stretch Ceiling Showroom: Explore a franchise-based cooperation by setting up an Alteza showroom. This partnership involves collaborating with contractor/installing companies in your territory.

Join us in the exciting world of stretch ceiling installations and expand your business horizons. Alteza offers the training, support, and resources you need to succeed. Discover how you can be a part of our growing network and elevate your business to new heights. For more information, visit our website at alteza.co.uk or contact us directly


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